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TikiLive & BGNTV / KNTV Networks is the ONLY digital television company that looks just like your cable service. It's time to cut the "Cord" with cable TV.

We are the 

"Cable Alternative" 

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We offer those channels you watch the most including  ABC, NBC, CBS, TBS, TNT, ESPN, OWN, ION, A&E, HGTV, and even Premium channels like HBO, CINEMAX, SHOWTIME and many more! 

Over 200 Channels

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Our product will give you and your family relief from those expensive cable bills and allow you to relax and enjoy the same television channels that you've watched for so many years. 

All in Ultra 4K Quality

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Our Business


We are a full service Television broadcasting and film company designed to broadcast around the world on any smart TV, computers, tablets, Iphone, or any android devices. We are the fastest growing Independent broadcasting company in the World! 

TikiLive Now broadcasting to over 104 million!


Our Equipment


We've upgraded our systems to Ultra 4K cameras to give our viewers a Quality picture with a much sharper look that the world watches daily on  major networks which elevates  

 BGNTV  Television Broadcasting  that puts our company in comparison with Major Television Networks!


Our Locations

For our customer conveniences we now have 4 Television studio locations to film your Talk shows, Ministry Teachings, News shows, Sitcoms, Movies, Commercials etc... With studios located in Raleigh, NC, Henderson, NC, Sanford, NC, Marlton, NJ. and Coming Soon!... to Houston, TX. we're spreading out to bring you better programming for the entire family to enjoy.